What Graphic Designing Software Will an Amateur Designer Need?

Graphic designing is one of the most dynamic job fields in the world. It is continuously evolving with the introduction of new software and technology, and designers must keep updating themselves to keep up.

Now, graphic designing comprises of a large area, and there isn’t any single software that can be labelled as best for the job. The usefulness of any software depends on what the graphic designer is trying to achieve with his designs.

However, for someone who is starting out and want to take up graphic designing as a career path, there are specific softwares that they should have first-hand knowledge about.

Some of the graphic designing software that a beginner needs are:

  • Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop is hands down the first software a graphic designer needs to familiarise them self with. It is the most basic of the lot and can be used to create, edit and boost up various digital works. It has numerous inbuilt templates that facilitate users to design posters, apps, websites, banners etc.

Graphic Designing

The software is especially useful if designers want to create 3D artworks, paintings and other illustrations. Therefore it is the number one software for amateur graphic designers.

  • Adobe Illustrator:

Especially useful for working with vector illustrations, the Adobe Illustrator is a favourite software for creating logos, icons, lettering etc. Also, it is used to create more complex illustrations to be used for video games, mobile apps etc.

Even though many would argue that most professional designers and artists use Illustrator, it is also quite useful for beginners as well. Since it comes with inbuilt templates and tools like Free-Transform and Touch-Type, amateurs can make good use of it for their designs.

  • GIMP:

It is a free software that can be easily compared with the best Photoshop software available in the market.  The tools like image enhancement and customizable brushes available in GIMP make it very popular among professional graphic designers. However, budding designers find it easy to work with this software because of its superior user flexibility.

Graphic Designing

Also, one of the best parts of using GIMP is that the results are very satisfactory. Thus many designers choose GIMP over other Photoshop software.

  • Adobe InDesign:

One of the best software tools for designing layouts, it is professional grade software used extensively all over the world. Adobe InDesign is desktop software that allows users to create brochures, stationery, posters, flyers, magazines etc. It is especially useful if graphic designers want to collaborate with editors and writers for more creative ideas. Thus it is a handy tool that aspiring graphic designers should familiarise themselves with.

  • CorelDraw:

One of the best software for creating stunning images, icons, graphics and designs, CorelDraw provides designers with various functionalities. It also has the biggest array of applications that can be easily synced with each other to create remarkable graphics and images. It is user-friendly and therefore one of the best softwares for amateurs.

Thus these are some of the best software for a beginner to use for graphic designing. They are essential and user-friendly and will help graphic designers to develop and hone their skills for the future.

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