Progress Level of Bitcoin Cash Fork Against Bitcoin Core

Cryptocurrency trade is a high-risk investment and fluctuations are likely to happen in this trade. The investor always had a positive outlook for their investment in Bitcoin (BTC) units but the currency sometimes frustrated its investors.

Why Bitcoin Cash was created

The Bitcoin miners never had a level of satisfaction for their profits earned from Bitcoin trade. They created a hard fork of this currency, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in august 2017. The naming controversy existed after split of BCH from its BTC core. The Bitcoin supporters didn’t have unanimous opinion on its naming. The BCH was created with an intention to change BTC and to cope it better with the rapidly mounting number of cryptocurrency users.

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Distinction in BTC and BCH

The debate on this issue continued for years and Bitcoin forking resulted from difference of opinion of two different camps with varied ideologies. The Bitcoin is same as was at its origin but was forked into Bitcoin Cash by making evolutionary modifications from the perspective of making it more competent. Thus, Bitcoin Cash may typically be considered as a clone of Bitcoin with some technical differences.

Progress level of Bitcoin Cash

Many investors have confusion about both forms of crypto coins as they appear to be siblings by name. they still don’t understand which is the best coin to mine out of two. The incongruity has great level of technicality difficult to be understood by the investors. It is not possible for developers of Bitcoin Cash to make unilateral changes without an agreement with Bitcoin miners and Bitcoin exchange operators responsible for Bitcoin creation and trade. The technical differences arose due to difference of opinion in separation as Bitcoin developers didn’t agree on certain issues. Bitcoin cash has a different approach. Bitcoin Cash can grow to eight times instead of two times block size increase. The signatures were also changed, but Bitcoin Cash has not been able to catch up to Bitcoin and its level of progress still can’t be determined.

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