Awesome Things About Retro Video Games We Miss

In the last few decades, video games have witnessed a tremendous increase in their popularity. With the development of technology, it has undergone a lot of changes as well. Speaking of video games, kids these days will never know the feeling of playing retro video games. Games back then gave us so many fun memories that we cherish even till today. Let’s freshen up our memories a bit with these amazing things about retro games which we still miss.

Retro Video Games At Its Best

Here are a few things about retro games that you are probably still missing. If you are an 80s kid, you will surely be able to relate to this.

retro video games

1.    Back in the days competing against each other in a game meant actually doing it in person. This was actually more fun as you could sit with your friends and play games together. Nowadays, tournaments are held through online platforms.

2.    In modern times when you get stuck in a game, all you need to do is check some YouTube tutorials. But things were different back then. If you faced any problem in your game, you had to ask your friends for advice.

3.    Game magazines were a big thing back then when it made for good reading. However, these things have become extinct long back. Nowadays, you can see gaming videos on the net.

4.    Back then controllers used to come with a pause button which today is replaced by a menu button. At least most of the controllers these days follow the same feature.

Video games have come a long way but they were definitely a lot of fun back then. We do miss the era of retro games but modern day gaming is undoubtedly the best.

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