Summoners War Magic Knight – The Best Monster to Try in SW

If you are a novice in the gameplay of Summoners war, a few recommendations are made to you by the experts in the game or you should refer to some guide that can help you to proceed with the gameplay successfully. You usually don’t have skills in progressing with the gameplay effectively when you are a beginner, but the expert help or guide makes you more comfortable than you could be as a raw hand. The story begins with your learning in stages because you need to learn each aspect of the gameplay.

Summoners War Magic Knight

Summoners War Magic Knight skills

The most important things for you in the game are attacks, defense, speed, etc. These are the skills necessary for every player without which progress is not possible. Summoners War Magic Knight is the right monster that you need to acquire in this game. By building this, you can gain the attack power of ally monsters more than 25% against your usual power. So, all enemies can be attacked two times and with more powerful attacks. Its leader skills include Skill 1(Blade surge), Skill 2 (Magic Shot), and Skill 3 (Retrieve Magic). Skill 3 is the most powerful among all skills.

How effective is Summoners War Magic Knight?

Summoners War Magic Knight

Summoners War Magic Knight is quite effective for Dungeons such as GB10, DB10, and N10. It has a high rating for these Dungeons. Her multiple attack bar reductions are great in GB10. Her attack bar manipulation and defense breaks are great for a starter DB10 team. For NB10 starters, she is a good monster. Monsters such as the Liches & Lanett, the Dark Magic Knight reflect far better results when they are used by NB10 starter players. Magic Knight is one of the best fodder farmers you can get early on. You can rather say that the monster is quite effective from many perspectives. Then why not players should try this monster.

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