PUBG Mobile Tournaments- The multiplayer game

The game of PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is a multiplayer battle game played online and has been published by the PUBG Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Bluehole – a South Korean video game company.

PUBG Mobile Tournaments

PUBG Mobile Tournaments are held all around the world and participants who finish at the top are given rewards and prizes, based on the tournament’s location and difficulty. FirstBlood is a site which hosts these PUBG Mobile Tournaments, all around the world and they are one of the only companies who host these tournaments.

The PUBG Mobile Tournaments can be played by simply registering yourself with your mobile number. The contestants who participate in these tournaments are some of the best players of specific regions and they all try and fight it out for the coveted prize which the top contestant gets, for sticking it out up to the finals. Also, according to the tournament organizers discretion, they can award solo or individual prizes as well. In order to win a tournament, the participant will have to defeat his/her enemy’s ancient. However, the game can also be considered won if your opponent surrenders, forfeits or is simply disqualified by the tournament organizers.

PUBG Mobile Tournaments

Also, tournament organizers – FirstBlood, can also declare a player or team as a winner in extremely special circumstances, according to their discretion. Eligibility to participate in the PUBG Mobile Tournaments will be as decided by the tournament organizing committee. The tournaments will comprise of either solo players or as teams consisting of 5 players. Players will be eligible to apply for the tournament through one account only. Players using duplicate accounts will not only be disqualified but will also be debarred from participating in future tournaments.

All the matches are played in DOTA 2 latest version. In case a user fails to update to the latest version of DOTA 2, they will not be able to participate in the tournaments.

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