Tips and Terms regarding payday loan relief

Taking debt is a cycle. You take the first one to get some cash to get you by, you take the next debt to pay off the first one and take the third debt to pay off the second one. The cycle never ends. But payday loan relief helps you break the cycle.

There are some terms you need to know, if you want to take a payday loan relief or plan to take a payday loan-

Continuous payment authority

When you take a payday loan then you are obliged to give your credit or debit card details to a company or firm. This way, you are giving them the right to take regular payments from your paychecks- it is called continuous payment authority. The bank or firms are authorised to debit the money from your next paycheck.


When you do not have enough money to get by for the month. And your salary does not cover much. You can decide to rollover for a month and pay the next month. It may seem like a good option rather than paying the debt. But it includes taxes, fees and high interest rates. Which can double the debt, and land you in trouble.

There is a rule that lenders can’t rollover an outstanding payday loan balance more than twice. So if you don’t have the money, then lenders can’t force you. But the loan will come back in full force next month with more interests.

Payday loan relief only works if you follow a few steps along with it.

  • Avoid taking more debts. If you are already paying a debt, the sensible thing to do is avoid taking debts.
  • Try cutting off your costs. If you have taken a payday loan relief, try to cut off on luxuries and extravagance till you pay off the debt.
  • Choose a debt relief plan that fits your budget and is well tailored. Firms often assess your financial situation for free before giving you the payday loan relief.

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