Key features to watch out in 88 key keyboard piano

Buying your first 88 key keyboard piano? Not sure which is the best model available online? Here are some of the important features which make a piano worth the investment:

88 key keyboard
  • The first most important thing to count is the number of keys on the keyboard. It is important to opt for 88 key board. For general purpose it is important to go for at least 61 keys. However 77 or 88 key boards are preferred. 
  • Any 88 key keyboard piano will be completely useless if it doesn’t have a suitable polyphony. It is basically the amount of keys which can be pressed one single time and still the board produces the key’s sound. In today’s time most keyboards available on the market have over 32 plus polyphony which is good enough for all enthusiasts.
  • Do you want a piano which can communicate with other electronic devices or instruments? If yes, then look for MIDI input and output feature with the model before buying. Many low model devices will lack this feature, so check it properly before making the investment.
88 key keyboard
  • Having a touch response in 88 key keyboard piano is helpful. This new feature allows you to adjust the volume.
  • Weighted keys are always preferred and these are available on some sophisticated and high end models. If you are trained on piano, you need to go for weighted keys for that same feeling.
  • Several digital keyboards or pianos have light up keys today. These models can surely help you learn different lessons, but only suitable if kids are learning. 
  • The next most important thing to consider is the amount of beats and sound samples available with the keyboard. Most keyboards today will have only hundreds of quality sound, on few you can easily download some more. 

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